4 Smart Tips For Easy Pool Maintenance

Pool MaintenancePool cleaning is necessary to ensure satisfactory water chemistry, sanitation and maintain the appearance of your pool. If you ignore the maintenance of your pool, its water can develop algae blooms and start breeding mosquitoes, which lead to dangerous bacteria E.Coli.

Additionally, the untreated pool can result in its costly repair. So, it is necessary to provide at least weekly maintenance to your swimming pool. Here are the most straightforward tips for easy maintenance of your swimming pool.

  • Cleaning Of Your Pool: Skim the pool surface using the cleaning net. Use a vacuum to remove debris. Do the cleaning at least once a week.
  • Check The pH & Chlorine Level: The pH level should be within 7.4-7.6 range while the chlorine level ought to be 2.0 to 3.0 parts of million. The ideal time to test the water of your pool is after the 8 hours of rainfall and after four hours of swimmer are out of the pool.
  • Shock Water: Shocking is when you add chlorine to remove the contaminants and algae from your pool. You can also get the assistance of your pool manufacturer for adding the right amount of chlorine.
  • Filter Often: If you continuously run filter during the summer, the water will be less likely to become dirty and develop bacteria.

Follow the simple tips, or if you need professionals help, contact us at Apex Aquatix. We offer high-quality pool services, including pool opening, closing, repair, restoration and maintenance. Call us to request a quote.

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